s10e14: Azu Tiwaline at Samhain XX

"It was really a surprise and such a great pleasure to receive an invitation from Interdimensional Transmissions Detroit. While speaking with Erika, she said to me :  "Regarding the style -- was kind of hoping for something slower/weirder/more experimental" - (Big SMILE on my face)
As it was especially for Samhain, I decided to celebrate the Invisible and go in healing sound material for starting, and then some ritual and ceremonial elements, imagining different steps in a dark night inner trip. The idea was to accompany a sort of meditation with the body in a slow and raw movement to an altered conscious state. At the end, you got rid of everything. Ready for a new cycle.

Even if it was quite strange to record something alone in my studio, destined to some "online" people, utterly, as it's one of the best places for me to feel connected, this set was truly an inner reflection of my person at this period of time. And I really enjoyed sharing this moment, particularly with the lovely chat people during the retransmission :-)

Hope this one will resonate in your heart.

Thank you again and Much Love to Interdimensional Transmissions from Detroit,
— Azu Tiwaline"

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