s10e16: Forest Drive West at Samhain XX

Samhain XX was an experiment in streaming during an incredibly dark and uncertain time. The idea was since we couldn't get together physically, we could get our whole community together on a stream in a totally immersive environment that allowed for things that wouldn’t be possible to happen in the normal material state of events. To make it unique to its medium, and to therefore look beyond boundaries and travel distance and normal event times and all the other things that limit the possibilities in the real world. This allowed us to put together an over 30 hour dream line up with so many inspirations and heroes. Impossible things like having people from all over the world in a single stream, like Wata Igarashi from Japan, or Azu Tiwaline from the Sahara by way of France, or Solar from SF, or Eris Drew from deep in the T4T LUV NRG woods, Danny Daze in Miami or Clark Price in Pittsburgh and so on. So we were more than ecstatic that one of our favorite producers who happens to reside in London agreed to participate: Forest Drive West. His music is stellar and moves in so many directions, it is truly an honor to have his set close our weekly releases / rebroadcasts of the Samhain XX series. We can only hope these experiments will help us mutate to a more interesting future. 

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