Samhain XV

Interdimensional Transmissions
CLAUDE YOUNG extended set
Different World, Elypsia
Saturday, October 31st, 2015
TV Lounge
2548 Grand River Ave, 48201
Full Audiophile Soundsystem from Audio Rescue Team
9PM-2AM (which is actually 3AM, time changes at 2AM back to 1AM - extra hour)
Interdimensional Transmissions' 15th Annual Samhain Party is comin’ on strong with an all new all hardware live show from the reconvened Ectomorph and an extended set from Detroit’s favorite son Claude Young.
What is Samhain? Some Danzig band? Yeah, does it look like we lift weights? It's the Celtic holiday that Halloween spawns from. It was the loop point, the new year. Ancient people dealt with grey areas in strange ways, the change between years caused this loose period existing between the end and beginning. This is where is gets interesting: they believed dimensions were colliding in a sort of interdimensional crosstalk, where the planes of the living and the dead were touching, so the dead could walk the earth. A way to convene with your ancestors, and a great reason to burn fires and scare your friends and neighbors. There's way more to it, most of it can't be written, it can only be felt, which is usually elusive but somehow easy at this time of year. It is the single most bestest time of the year for dancing, especially late at night. We got that covered, they agreed to change time for us during the party, so we get an extra hour. Last year in the TV Bar was so legendary that we decided to do it again. The space will be transformed by Amber Gillen from IT with enhanced and improved sound by the Audio Rescue Team.