No Way Back 2016

Carlos Souffront
Patrick Russell
Mike Servito 
Derek Plaslaiko
Bryan Kasenic
Scott Zacharias
John Elliott
Nihal Ramchandani
+ a super secret live show


Celebrate the subtle and the weird. No Way Back welcomes back its full line up of Midwest masters, from all the core DJs to the sonic freedom of the Outer Space room, which this year again will close with a dawn sleaze disco set from Scott Zacharias, to the super secret live show.

No Way Back began in 2007 in a leaky warehouse in Detroit with only 4 DJs and truth in advertising kept us going for over 17 hours. What you see now is the festival edition of No Way Back in the most proper form in its current incarnation (we'll always miss the bo house) at the almost perfect outlaw feeling warehouse blank canvas of The Tangent gallery. Part of the historic Hastings St community and only blocks from the Ajax bar where John Lee Hooker played, and now the center of a new artistic and musical new Detroit. Once Motown stood on West Grand Blvd, now only blocks away on East Grand Blvd stand the Detroit institutions of Submerge and UR, FIT, and KDJ / Mahogany records.

Before the Internet and the prominence of cell phones, there was perhaps the last days of mystery. How do you find the party? A flier at a record store, a cafe, another party. Often it would have only a date and a phone number. You'd call and an answering machine message would direct you to the map point. At the map point you'd buy your ticket and be given directions to the actual event. Maybe a disused warehouse, a reclaimed factory, or one both glorious and hilarious failed attempt at using a state park where we all ended up at Mare's loft. Wherever the space was, you went there to lose yourself, to get lost in the music.

This is the perspective from which we start, and then add years of DJ experience and the endless search for the right music and a quest for the future of this sound, to advance this feeling, and then you have the art of subtlety and control that the masters are bringing to the decks, the parachute cave womb and towers of sound. For those who know, this is it.


— New York Times
Made in Detroit, Differing Music Models