I.T. Radio: ADULT.

Multi-talented Motor City duo Adult. join BMG and Erika in our Detroit studio to mark the release of their latest album.
I first met Adam Miller when I was working at Record Time. He wandered into the dance room, and no one else in the room would talk to him because he was dressed kind of punk. I figured it was time for this music to reach new people, so I sold him the Digeridoo EP by Aphex Twin and the Drexciya 4 doublepack while that one was still new. I was admonished by other Record Time staff for sharing the manna with outsiders – same as when I sold similar records to Mick from the Gories and Dirtbombs. Come to think of it, I sold the same records to Jesse the Body, the DJ of the New Dance Show, who actually played “Isoprophlex” on that show. Years later, Adam teamed up with Nicola Kuperus to form Adult. I released their record through my fledgling company Star 67 Distribution, and we did a Star 67 tour together in Europe with Ectomorph and Adult. I remember Adam making me a CD of his influences that he thought I should check out called “7 Years,” with amazing jams like the fast (vocal) version of “Frequency 7” and Neon Judgment’s “TV Treated.” I responded in kind with “The Star 6”, a CD featuring my explorations into this zone, including Der Plan’s “Renate” and “Shari Vari,” among others. I am hoping for this edition of our radio show, broadcasting just as they’re releasing their new album Detroit House Guests, to be the next volume in that series.