A Claude Young Residency Continues

Claude Young
Detroit’s favorite son Claude Young returns to Detroit and continues his residency with IT at the TV Lounge.

I first heard of Claude Young as this insane mix jock on WHYT, back when Detroit mix radio was on fire. I first met Claude when I went to Buy- Rite, he saw me checking out the “Waveform” EP by UR and offered me some suggestions, like “Technarchy” and Joey Bertram on Nu Groove. I remember listening in awe as he and Dan Bell debuted “Planet Earth” on Fast Forward. His DJ sets at parties at that time easily traversed through all the aspects and theories of Detroit techno and house and electro, his style was fearless and sometimes theatrical. I once saw him do doubles of the Dopplereffekt 7” with his nose. His generous personality made him an instant ambassador all around the midwest, sharing the Detroit spirit everywhere he went. Then he took it to the world as he became a global Ambassador, first with a residency in Australia, then moving to England, Scotland, and Japan. After living in Portland for a few years, he has finally returned home to Detroit.

To celebrate this life in full circle, IT has teamed up with the TV Lounge to do A Claude Young Residency. This show will be the 4th installment. The space will be transformed by Amber Gillen and the sound will be pure audiophile bliss courtesy of Audio Rescue Team.

$10 all night