I.T. Radio: Dimitri Hegemann

A key early supporter of Detroit techno in Germany, the Tresor founder details the past, present and future of the Detroit-Berlin axis.

Dimitri has been a figure in my life since before I knew him. I went to Tresor in ’91, and I got in free because I was wearing an Underground Resistance t-shirt. I was a big fan of UR, but it was just starting to go global at the time – the global phenomenon of techno was still new to me. Being on the dancefloor hearing futuristic music all night, a lot of it from Detroit and New York, really blew my mind. This moment made me realize that the Cold War was over, and the next generation would connect through this international music form without vocals. That set me on a path that leads to me doing this stuff now – it’s one of the main reasons why I made my first record. This radio show is a chance to pick his brain about what inspired him to get to the point where he inspired me.