I.T. Radio: Derek Plaslaiko

Ahead of No Way Back’s tenth anniversary, the respected Berlin-via-Detroit techno selector dishes on influences and more with BMG and Erika.

This year is the 10th anniversary of No Way Back, which came out of a series of phone calls between me and Derek. I had moved to Detroit from Ann Arbor in 2006, and sometime before that Derek had moved to New York and become a resident at The Bunker. I was talking to him on the phone and said, “What the fuck is going on with my city? Why is every party at a bar, and why are the house lights on the whole time?” So we started this No Way Back series in an effort to save Detroit and to show people from today’s generation what had inspired us and set us on this path in our lives – so they could feel it and touch it rather than just hear about it. Having Derek on the radio just before the weekend kicks off is a chance to celebrate that and find out where that impulse came from, and explore more of his musical influences.