I.T. Radio: Carlos Souffront and Bill Converse

Two of the most distinctive US selectors are each other’s favorite techno DJ — from Detroit, they trade off mini-sets of musical influences.

On this edition of BMG and Erika’s biweekly broadcast from Detroit, the Interdimensional Transmissions masterminds present an impeccable pairing: Carlos Souffront and Bill Converse, who are great friends, mutual influences and absolutely exceptional selectors. Souffront – a No Way Back resident, staunchly all-vinyl mix alchemist and former colleague of BMG and Erika at Ann Arbor’s WCBN – is known for sets that chart a winding course through techno, acid, post-punk, experimental music and everything in between; Converse, who was already one of Michigan’s most enthusiastic ravers when he was barely tall enough to reach the turntables, had his career take off on the back of releases for Dark Entries, and is known for his mind-bending DJ sets. Recorded a few months back at our Detroit studio, while both DJs were on a high from this year’s Gays Hate Techno Spring Gathering outside San Francisco, Souffront and Converse trade off on free-form mini-sets, with tunes running the gamut from gripping dance music and brittle dark wave to early electronic works.