I.T. Radio: Aux 88

Keith Tucker and Tommy Hamilton, the legendary duo behind some of Detroit’s greatest electro records, go deep on their sound and city.

The seeds of Aux 88 were planted in ‘86, when Tommy Hamilton, a dancer, and Keith Tucker, a DJ, met at a talent show in Detroit. After going through a number of iterations, Aux 88 formed in earnest in 1993, and the rest is history. The project is now regarded as one of the key groups in Detroit electro – which is to say, a foundational group for dance music as a whole. Sitting down with Interdimensional Transmissions’ BMG and Erika at our radio studio in Detroit, Hamilton and Tucker dig into some of the key influences on their sound and share some of the best stories to emerge from their partnership. To kick things off, Erika delivers a half hour of extra-percussive, pitch-black dance tracks.