I.T. Radio: Orphx

From our Detroit studio, the Canadian techno duo talk about their singular partnership and the musical influences that drive it.

Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Christina Sealey and Richard Oddie have forged a musical path from industrial to (rhythmic) noise to techno. But while the music they’re making now as Orphx is perfectly pitched to dark, heaving dancefloors, artifacts of their sonic evolution remain intact. Ever since getting turned onto Orphx by Adam X, whose Sonic Groove label has been key in bringing their releases into the techno world, Interdimensional Transmissions masterminds BMG and Erika have felt a deep affinity with their sound. On this broadcast from Red Bull Radio’s studio in Detroit, BMG and Erika devote the entire two hours of the show to Orphx’s musical influences, from Depeche Mode and Yello to Skinny Puppy and Zoviet France, not to mention Plastikman and Aphex Twin, along with newer productions from techno’s darker fringes. The members of Orphx also discuss their approach to improvisation in the context of live, electronic music performance, and celebrate the joys of never quite outgrowing their goth phase.