I.T. Radio: Detroiters on Funkadelic

Live from Detroit: Andrés, Alton Miller, Marcellus Pittman and Anthony “Shake” Shakir pay tribute to the Motor City’s favorite band.

It’s difficult to overstate how key Funkadelic is to Detroit techno. Rhythmically, compositionally, politically, spiritually and philosophically, George Clinton’s pioneering funk group laid the groundwork for the machine-music that would come not long after they dropped their string of ‘70s classics, and the influence remains critical to this day. Westbound Records, who signed Funkadelic back in in 1968, recently released Funkadelic Reworked By Detroiters, a compilation curated by Interdimensional Transmissions’ BMG that finds local artists from Moodymann to the Dirtbombs lending their own touch to classic material from albums like Maggot Brain and Let’s Take It To the Stage. To celebrate the release of the compilation, Interdimensional Transmissions has invited four of the project’s reworkers – Alton Miller, Andrés, Marcellus Pittman and Anthony “Shake” Shakir – to join them for a very special edition of their biweekly broadcast from our Detroit radio studio. Expect front-to-back Funkadelic tracks cut with stories of the profound impact this group has had on generations of Motor City music-makers.