I.T. Radio: Justin Aulis Long

The expert Chicago DJ offers a masterclass in mixing and selecting the Midwestern way, from our radio studio in Detroit.

When BMG gave us the lowdown on why he and Erika asked Justin Aulis Long to come through Detroit for an Interdimensional Transmissions broadcast, he sent us some bullet points you’d expect: Chicago selector, Smartbar resident, cofounder of the storied Hugo Ball party (he also added some points you probably wouldn’t, like that he’s a “conduit of magick and surrealism”). He’s one of those rare DJs who fuses records together with more than just a fader, who takes the musical knowledge he’s accrued through his years in Chicago and blends it with raw energy that feels considerably older than any one city’s dance music style. Simply put, he’s one of the finest DJs currently spinning records in the grand Midwestern tradition, and you won’t want to miss him in the mix from Red Bull Radio’s Detroit studio.