I.T. Radio: Gay Marvine

The San Francisco-based master of deft edits joins BMG and Erika in Detroit to show off his iconic reworks and love of techno.

Gay Marvine, a native Midwesterner also known as Chuck Hampton, is best known for his contributions to Secret Mixes Fixes and its all-Gay Marvine sub-label Bath House Etiquette. Both are platforms for edits that are craftily conceptualized and executed; from the winking source material to the dancefloor-focused results, their releases comprise some of the most smartly hedonistic reworks around. Much of Gay Marvine’s musical output revolves around the sleazier side of disco and the subculture from which it sprang, but on this episode of Interdimensional Transmissions from Detroit, he shows his range. The broadcast is divided in two parts, with the first focused on the sort of hard-hitting techno he loves but rarely gets booked to play, and the other packed with his signature edits.