I.T. Radio: Patrick Russell

The esteemed Detroiter and No Way Back linchpin digs into experimental and ambient music, straight from our Detroit studio.

For their January show each year, BMG and Erika like to showcase Interdimensional Transmissions’ off-the-dancefloor tendencies – it’s a broadcast meant to soothe frazzled nerves post-New Year’s, and/or soundtrack the kind of snow day Detroit can throw at you in winter. It’s hard to imagine a better guest for this episode than Patrick Russell, a longtime IT affiliate currently based in Brooklyn. Though he’s garnered a worldwide following as a techno DJ, he maintains a vast knowledge of ambient and experimental music, a muscle he’s flexed at such musically forward-thinking events as the Labyrinth in Japan and Mysteries of the Deep in New York. From our studio in Detroit, Patrick will program a slow-BPM mix moving through big sonic ideas. Should you find yourself snowed in physically, mentally or some combination of the two, you’re in for a treat.