I.T. Radio: Ryan Spencer

A part of Detroit’s Freakish Pleasures party crew, the up-and-coming Detroit DJ debuts new music and presents his sound.

Interdimensional Transmissions is famous for the amount of sweat they pour into party decor. (They recently went way over their baggage allotment to schlep their signature parachutes to Berlin for an all-nighter at Tresor.) It’s part of what makes IT IT, but they’re not the only party in Detroit going the extra mile to place dancers in a psychedelic world apart from the everyday. Freakish Pleasures takes a similar approach, and it’s made them one of BMG and Erika’s favorite local crews; our hosts extended an invitation to one of Freakish Pleasures’ residents and instigators, Ryan Spencer. He’ll join IT live from our Detroit studio for a DJ set, and he’ll also debut some music he’s made with Todd Modes and Sector 7-G Recordings boss Ben Christensen.