313: Return to the Source - Day 1 
Sat May 26, 10 PM
Tresor Berlin & Interdimensional Transmissions Present:
Dasha Rush - live
Adam X
Silent Servant
Justin Aulis Long
Anthony "Shake" Shakir
Claude Young
Marcellus Pittman
FIT Siegel
Daniel Bell -  outdoor sunrise set
"Tresor uses the bridge it has built over the past three decades, to travel from Berlin to Detroit for its annual visit. For this third collaboration with Interdimensional Transmissions at Tangent Gallery, the Berlin institute calls on some of Motor City's most legendary producers and DJs, as well as some of its closest family members on the North American and European continents. 
Anthony "Shake" Shakir and Claude Young return to the Gallery room for what has now become one of the highlights of the 313 Return To The Source weekend. They are interlaced by Marcellus Pittman, Fit Siegel and Tresor's own Mareena and Handmade.
The Ballroom stage hosts Silent Servant for the midnight set that has now become a tradition. Adam X follows with a raw selection characteristic of his Sonic Groove residency at Tresor. The night culminates in Dasha Rush debuting her live show in Detroit. No one other than Noncompliant could possibly support such a hulking program and bring the Ballroom into the morning. 
In the Garden, Daniel Bell resumes at 04:00am the magical sunrise session he inaugurated in 2017. Tresor looks forward to gathering with you around this truly memorable moment. 
"We are too young to know everything." – Tresor Berlin