I.T. Radio: Lauren Flax

The veteran Brooklyn-based DJ, producer and collaborator touches down in our Detroit studio to catch up with BMG and Erika.

Lauren Flax is best known these days as a DJ and producer from Brooklyn, but she comes on Interdimensional Transmissions as a native of Detroit. She’s known BMG and Erika for years but arrives on their biweekly broadcast after reconnecting with them at Berghain, as one does, and they knew the next time the opportunity presented itself they had to get on the radio to talk through influences, inspirations and memories of Motor City music. Lauren kicks off the show with an hour-length DJ mix inspired by the golden era of Detroit radio. During the show’s second hour, she plays through some of the music she’s feeling both right now and perennially, from Aphex Twin to Julianna Barwick to Kelela, and talk through some shared good times.