I.T. Radio: Noncompliant

The veteran rave DJ and producer shares stories of her rise from underground basement shows to Berghain bookings.

The Indiana-based producer and selector known for many years as DJ Shiva is a veteran of mid-’90s midwest raves — that scene offered unusual venues and brief set times, preparing her to rock a party in any circumstance. She accrued a reputation as a badass techno DJ over more than two decades, and in recent years that’s meant breaking out of the local circuit and onto the world stage. She’s also recently rebranded herself under the name Noncompliant, to reflect both her new hardware production setup and her politically outspoken punk attitude. On this episode of Interdimensional Transmissions, Noncompliant joins BMG and Erika in our Red Bull Radio studios in Detroit to talk influences and formative experiences, and open the show with an exclusive mix. Erika closes the show with a charged-up techno mix of her own.