I.T. Radio: Dru Ruiz

The creator of Detroit’s Fog party shares stories from the shadowy trenches of the city’s ’90s rave scene.

Dru Ruiz has been a regular on the Detroit techno scene since 1993, when a life-changing party experience at the Packard Plant convinced him to save up for some Technics 1200 turntables and teach himself to DJ (under the tutelage of Mike Huckaby, no less). These days he runs local DJ and producer collective Cultured Citizens, and curates the party series Fog, which BMG describes as “an ode to our shared history as denizens of the Detroit underground rave scene, with strong connections to Syst3m.” On this week’s episode of Interdimensional Transmissions, Ruiz joins BMG and Erika to share stories from the shadowy trenches of ’90s Detroit club-kid life, as well as tracks from that era that continue to inspire his eclectic DJing style. The episode opens with a 30-minute mix from Erika.