I.T. Radio: Inside the World of Ectomorph

Join BMG and Erika for a discussion of their improv-centric, hardware-only, deeply mysterious new full-length, Stalker.

In 1995, Interdimensional Transmissions kicked off its existence as a label with a string of 12”s by a little-known project called Ectomorph. Characterized by a bass-heavy and experimental palette, its emphasis was on improvisation and reverence for the darker, grittier corners of Detroit techno history. Fast forward to 2018, and Ectomorph — now helmed by inaugural member BMG and Interdimensional Transmssions co-conspirator Erika — is celebrating the release of its first proper full-length, Stalker. The record brings together a series of live recordings that used mountains of modular synths and with zero editing. On this week’s episode, BMG and Erika discuss the history of Ectomorph and some of the concepts, processes and musical influences that have informed the project over the years. Detroit music journalist Walter Wasacz will join to interview them about the new album. And Baboo Photography’s Robert Guzman, responsible for the mysterious gloved-hand image on its cover, will make a cameo as well.