An Interdimensional New Years

A night of too many heroes. Both rooms are packed and stacked with heads all night. In the main room we have Danny Daze all the way from Miami bringing the heat. From Chicago we have one of the freshest DJs on the planet — Eris Drew. Her style of mixing is so perfect, her combination of breaks into the mother beat continuum is unparalleled. BMG will bring in the New Year transformation putting you in the mindset of the future before you even get there, and No Way Back mainstay Scott Zacharias setting the vibe. 

Outside we will go even furthur. We are so proud to bring one of favorite DJs in the world in for this special night, the futuristic psychedelic master from Austin, none other than Bill Converse, probably America's best techno DJ (according to Silent Servant & Carlos Souffront). So it makes perfect sense to pair him with Erika and her endless realms of space techno. Ataxia will team up to create the vibe for Erika with their endless groves, and as always, let the music do the talking. Setting the tone with deep funk, house and disco selections will be Detroit’s own DJ Holographic. This will be a night not to miss, even if you can't remember it the day after. The full venue will be transformed by the visionary tactile immersive installation art of Amber, the sound will be expertly dialed in by Audio Rescue Team.

Danny Daze
Eris Drew 
Bill Converse
Scott Zacharias 
DJ Holographic

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