I.T. presents Marco Shuttle

Marco Shuttle
BMG & Erika
Craig Gonzalez

Love? Love from beyond. Love from outer space. Moving through time and space to find our rhythm in 2020, we have one of our favorite artists in the world, Marco Shuttle, from Italy via Berlin. Marco makes music that is deeply hypnotic, that resonates deep within, is so pure but simultaneously so many genres. Like what genre even is “The Vox Attitude”? When it was remixed by Atom TM last year it became an instant anthem for us. But there is so much more, his label Eerie is hot, his DJ sets are legendary. Come experience what we are so excited about, immersed in our environment from Amber Gillen with audiophile sound from Jim Gibbons / AVS. This show will feature support from Craig Gonzalez and the world debut of BMG & Erika DJing without a computer, if you can actually say that of CDJ-2000s.

21+ with ID.