An Interdimensional New Years

Come celebrate with us as we explore the outer reaches of inner space and the inner reaches of outer space as we experience the psychedelic possibilities of renewal, of a clean slate, and of leaving a burning year behind. We celebrate by immersing ourselves in sound, the sound of the future, the sound of a finely curated past and just the right thing for right now. We went all out in the vision, from Amber's mind bending wormholes of fabric to a genre bending way forward in the form of a 7 hour set from Miami's favorite son Danny Daze, who is taking over a room for the whole night. Who knows what will happen? Maybe everything. A night of heroes. We have Erika doing her first live show in Detroit in forever, just as she’s finishing her In Bloom mentorship on live music. We have Detroit legendary maestro of the decks Claude Young playing the purist of true party music beyond limitations. We have the heady hedonistic IT don BMG DJing on the Model One with modular effects reaching us from beyond the stars. We have the super head Bill Spencer launching us into the stratosphere with the most incredible of grooves, an endless stream of discoveries. We shift through space and time to find a new way, this is An Interdimensional New Years. 

New Years Eve 2021
8pm - 4am

Danny Daze – 7 hour set
Erika – live
Claude Young
Bill Spencer