Samhain XXII

Interdimensional Transmissions presents…

Sat, Oct 29, 2022
Tangent Gallery 
9PM - 5AM

Dance Room
Mike Servito 
Derek Plaslaiko

Weird Room
Marco Shuttle (live)

Samhain XXII offers a vision into the future, or is it the past? Such is the nature of Samhain, the loop point of all time, where the past becomes the future and the future is the past. Here we celebrate the root of it all, with a line up that would make Hades blush. This is our first ever Samhain at the Tangent, this time going til 5, with a dance room featuring demonic legends Mike Servito, Derek Plaslaiko and BMG. Outside on the Weird Room stage we will have the world debut of Marco Shuttle live, with DJ sets from Erika and Sold creating vibes that will permeate your psyche, inspiring visions for years. If the weather isn’t permitting, then we will take this stage inside to the gallery. Psychedelic interpretation of dimensions colliding by Amber Gillen & her crew. Giant audiophile sound system from Jim Gibbons of AVS and the Weird Room will be helmed by Bing Audio. Samhain is the original recurring party for Interdimensional Transmissions, long before No Way Back. Come celebrate the origin point with us as we travel to new dimensions.

BMG on Samhain:

"It's the Celtic holiday that Halloween spawns from. It was the loop point, the new year. Ancient people dealt with grey areas in strange ways, the change between years caused this loose period existing between the end and beginning. This is where it gets interesting: they believed dimensions were colliding in a sort of interdimensional crosstalk, where the planes of the living and the dead were touching, so the dead could walk the earth. A way to convene with your ancestors, and a great reason to burn fires and scare your friends and neighbors. There's way more to it, most of it can't be written, it can only be felt, which is usually elusive but somehow easy at this time of year."