An Interdimensional New Years

Intergalactic Gary
Mozhgan & Solar
Mike Parker
Clark Price
Scott Zacharias
Rebecca Goldberg


When dimensions collide, and the cycle renews, the portal opens and it becomes time to celebrate the flux with An Interdimensional New Years. Step into the future with us as we immerse ourselves in sound and the infinite dimensions of Amber Gillen’s wormholes of fabric and plastic, as we transform the space and ourselves in this sonic rite. The music chosen moves beyond boundaries into deeper moods and juxtapositions, everyone is a visionary at their sound, and the individuality and excellence just continues to add up to mental freedom. The theme is moving beyond boundaries and celebrating everyone’s uniqueness. 

Who better to honor the Interdimensional New Years than Intergalactic Gary? Headlining Stage Y, he offers a galactic escape through a never ending sea of unpredictable grooves. This is a room of full and deep immersion in tone and groove, with sets from SF’s Mozhgan & Solar, Honcho’s Clark Price, and Detroit legend Scott Zacharias. Multiple sets from multiple minds that offer the finest exploration of deep psychedelic grooves possible on this planet. 

Stage X explores the inner mind as experienced through a powerful system, with sonic slayers of monolithic slabs of sound liberating you through their heavy vibrations. From Berlin (and Chicago) we have the ever futuristic and freaky CCL delivering the goods. From Buffalo we have Mike Parker, a sonic pioneer of his own genre of techno DJing directly after the Ectomorph live set. Ectomorph will be performing an all new live show with a new modular system focused in a new powerful direction, blending their past and their future, inspired by the groundbreaking show they did this summer at Tresor 31 in Globus. The avatar of the future groove Adab joins us for a heady set to set up the New Years and Rebecca Goldberg brings the vibes she’s felt in Iceland to her set on this night of transformation. 

Burn it down and start anew at An Interdimensional New Years. 

8pm – 5am
21+ with ID