Tomorrow's Fires

Mike Servito
Erika live
Mike Parker

Slow Motion Gallery
Scott Zacharias
Bill Spencer
Duck Trash

To celebrate the release of Erika’s “Anevite Void” album, out Feb 25, Erika is inviting an eclectic crew of deep sonic visionaries to present her prismatic take on sound. Each is unique and a deep expert in their fields, offering an effortless grace in their ability to viscerally blow your mind. 

Now with 100% more Mike Servito. Due to an unforeseen circumstance, Carlos Souffront is not able to make it, and though he is irreplaceable, we have found a uniquely compelling artist to complete the roster of artists Erika invites to celebrate the launch of her album. 

The Ballroom couldn’t be more electrically eclectic, with the deeply powerful sonic slap Servito will deliver and the deep sonic dive into pure and hypnotic techno from Mike Parker. Mike Parker is one of the finest most original Techno producers America has ever put forth. Erika chose these two distinctly different Mikes to buttress her first live show in Detroit of 2023, with support from her IT crew in the form of BMG, with a full space transformation by Amber Gillen and crew. 

To further explore the deeper reaches of Erika’s mind, for the Slow Motion Gallery she has invited some of her favorite DJs to get fully absorbed in, hometown heroes and master selectors Scott Zacharias and Bill Spencer. Curated with BMG, we have Duck Trash from Indianapolis, whom we met through Noncompliant, and Detroit’s Ladylike all bringing the slower sound that mesmerizes and just reaches deep inside and fills you up, for a whole room dedicated to this feeling. 

Travel to the Anevite Void with us on Feb 25, going til 5 in 2 rooms at The Tangent with full audiophile sound from Jim Gibbons / AVS. 

21+ with ID