Rites of Spring

Derek Plaslaiko

Sister Zo
Tammy Lakkis

We continue our spring series that leads to Return to the Source as we commune with the entities from the other side of the wormhole. For our April event, we have reimagined the Rites of Spring as a two room party at The Tangent, going til dawn. In the ballroom we have 3 No Way Back residents, and we’re really looking forward to an epic closing set from Derek Plaslaiko. BMG, who is working on new music with Derek will play directly before him, and Erika will launch the ship in her own magnetic way. In the gallery we are calling it the FFF room, for femme / freaky / fast or fun / freaky / futuristic, nobody is really sure. We are very excited to have a futuristic midwest freak Sister Zo headlining the room with her cosmic sound, originally from Kansas City. Support arrives from another great midwestern fresh face Aza, who plays an incredible form of techno, hailing from Northern Kentucky. We have the very vanguard of Detroit’s deep vibes and electric vision in the forms of AK and Tammy Lakkis. What Amber Gillen and her incredible team have envisioned for this one will have to be seen to be believed, somehow it is always so surprising and immersive. Audiophile sonic towers will be courtesy of Jim Gibbons AVS. This is one for the books, where we all try to communicate with the other side and set our spring renewal on the right path. Going the other 9 til 5 (AM) at The Tangent, Saturday April 22. 

21+ with ID