Midwest Freaks

Intellephunk, Interdimensional Transmissions, and Remain in Night present Midwest Freaks

Kitty Spit
Scott Zacharias

It’s time for the parachutes to come together. This time, somewhere in SE Wisconsin, Interdimensional Transmissions will team up with Remain in Night and Intellephunk for a 12 hour party in a warehouse. Bathed in sound with sets from so many of our favorite DJs, with the concept of celebrating the Midwest Freaks. Each crew is extremely dedicated to the quality of the experience, each crew believes in transforming the space for a deeper connection to the music, each crew hangs parachutes at their parties. So join us for ParachuteCon23 with some true Midwest Freaks: Aza from Cincinnati playing serious techno, Minneapolis’ Centrific going all the way in, BMG & Erika coming from the core of the Detroit IT crew (with Amber of course), Kitty Spit representing Madison, Minneapolis live master Lonefront, and a closing set from No Way Back mainstay Scott Zacharias. So many parachutes, so many freaks. Midwest Freaks unite!

“Midwest Freaks is celebrating the deep commitment that it takes to live outside the mainstream, to be a nonconformist in the Midwest. It’s a culture that's built upon years and years of thought and expertise. In Detroit, we’re in a place that has an unbroken line to the beginning, from disco ‘til now. When these grooves are laid, they're not just responding to punk, they're not just responding to counterculture. These are parts of who they are.

To be a freak in the Midwest means that you’re fully committed, because our society is so conformist and it enforces conformity in almost a cruel way. So you have these people that have dedicated themselves to this music, so much so that it's become a lifestyle. There's nothing else that they could do. So they're giving everything they have to it and that’s what the Midwest Freaks parties celebrate.” — BMG

VOID soundsystem by Submersive.

There will be no tickets at the door, this event is presale only.

Full info: 612-293-7180