An Interdimensional New Years (2023)

IT & Marble Bar present... An Interdimensional New Years

Mike Servito 
Mark Grusane 
Erika x Antenes 

Father Dukes 
Scott Zacharias & Bill Spencer 
DJ Etta

Dimensions collide on the Interdimensional New Years, the gateways open to another dimension and you can step out of time. This is a time of celebration as we explore the psychedelic possibilities of renewal in a cocoon of sound with the finest sonic curators there are. Stage Y is warm, like a musical heater for the soul, Stage X is monolithic and will transport you to the other side. The venue will be transformed by Amber Gillen & the Infinite Dimensions Crew, setting the stage for the launching point. 

Stage X is the monolithic sound, the wormhole experience. No Way Back resident Mike Servito will bring the fire with such detail as only Servito can provide. Erika x Antenes sees the perfect melding of two total powerhouses of sound, melding intuition and science effortlessly as they create new forms of techno by their very juxtapositions. Originally born at Return the Source, during Interdimensional Transmissions presents the Bunker, expect no less than transcendence from this extended set. IT curator and No Way Back resident BMG will present a set that fuses the many underground styles of the world into that Midwest Soundsystem sound, pure heady hedonism. Detroit blessing Father Dukes will bring her fresh energy to the transformative rites, giving Stage X a solid base. 

The purveyors of sonic renewal come in many shapes and forms. In Stage Y we have the musical heater, a sound that we’ve named because it heats you up from the inside, deep within your soul. We are honored to present Chicago don Mark Grusane bringing pure musical heat, moments of pure freedom on the dance floor, elegantly blending the many influences that created Chicago House — he is perhaps the greatest Disco DJ playing today. The entire history of American music comes out in one ecclesiastical bacchanalian moment — raw sonic truth. Detroit’s Whodat, whose recent remix for Erika’s Anevite Void LP is coming the first week of December on IT, will bring her magic to the night. The many shades and styles of true diggers Scott Zacharias & Bill Spencer will show us so many new shades to sound. And DJ Etta is another Detroit gem that will bring her musicologist insights into what makes us want to keep going, the whole point of Stage Y. 

We find that to get into the New Year, into the new you, is to go all the way out and leave the last year behind. You need that space to reset. To find that kindling for the fire within to take you through the New Year. For that fresh beginning — An Interdimensional New Years.