I.T. presents DJ Stingray 313

DJ Stingray 313
Craig Gonzalez


Pure sonic vision to enliven even the darkest hours of winter. Detroit born and bred but Berlin based DJ Stingray 313 will grace us on the decks with his intricate weaving of futuristic techno and electro, pushing the sounds with his frenetic energy beyond any boundaries. Detroit legends Ectomorph will DJ a hivemind set, combining the forces of BMG & Erika in a hypnotic propulsive state to take you to the other side of the wormhole. Aza from Cincinnati will lay down the pure power of techno and Craig Gonzalez will set the stage just right. Amber Gillen and the Infinite Dimensions crew will transform the space and ready it for interdimensional travel. The sound installation in the ballroom will be a complete Jim Gibbons / AVS wall of sound surround experience. Going from 9PM until 5AM at The Tangent.