I.T. presents The Bunker (2022)

Return to the Source — Day 3
I.T. presents The Bunker 

Dance Room:
Forest Drive West x Patrick Russell
Batu x CCL
Mike Servito x Derek Plaslaiko x Craig Gonzalez — Mike Huckaby Tribute Set

Going In Room:
Kiernan Laveaux x rrao
Abby Echiverri x Bryan Kasenic 
Otodojo x Fabiola

Closer than ever with our I.T. family, we share their vision of getting lost in the sound and our crews' resident DJs, label artists, and key collaborators who have deep and long-lasting connections from New York to Detroit and beyond. After co-presenting 10 editions of No Way Back in Detroit, and 9 editions in Brooklyn over the last decade, in 2016 The Bunker and Interdimensional Transmissions started a new tradition of throwing The Bunker on Memorial Day at Tangent gallery. This year, The Bunker will once again be the last 8 of 32 hours of continuous music that starts with No Way Back at Return to the Source at Tangent Gallery. Embracing the concept of collaboration, we're featuring a series of specially curated DJ pairings for this Monday night wind down.

Years ago, we named The Dance Room after Mike Huckaby’s infamous greeting whenever he picked up the phone at Record Time. We lost Huck early in the pandemic, and had to wait to pay proper tribute to him at Return to the Source. Tonight’s three hour opening set is a special tribute to Huck by three Detroit DJs who consider him their mentor: Mike Servito, Derek Plaslaiko, and Craig Gonzalez. We have no idea what is going to happen in CCL and Batu’s first ever tag team set, but it’s bound to be interesting as they’re both experts at melting genres and opening wormholes. Closing the room, we have the world premier collaborative DJ set from the UK’s Forest Drive West and our own Patrick Russell, both of whom dig really deep and have the technical skills to coherently present an astonishingly wide range of music in one set. We’ve been looking forward to this set ever since we booked it for the 2020 Memorial Day event that never transpired. 

The front room of Tangent will be transformed into the Going In room. Going In is a sub-label of The Bunker New York, dedicated to long-form musical compositions geared towards healing, meditation, plant medicine ceremonies, psychedelic therapy, yoga, or simply spacing out and going inside yourself. We’ve all been through a lot of collective trauma over the past two years, and finally getting the gang back together over Memorial Day weekend is going to be intense. This room is intended as a space to relax, heal, and integrate a heavy weekend as we slowly land the spaceship that is Return to the Source. There will be plenty of seating and the amazing sound system Tangent is known for on Memorial Day weekend, so sprawl out with your friends and take it easy. Opening the room we have some left field locals that you may not be familiar with before you see them play, but will be on your radar as soon as you do: Otodojo and Fabiola. Then Going In and The Bunker founder Bryan Kasenic plays for the first time with Abby Echiverri, who has released on both labels. Kiernan Laveaux and rrao close the room in their first ever collaborative set.


Return to the Source 2022 is an organic evolution of the original concept, with careful attention to detail put in at every level. We’ve used this time away to improve ourselves and our infrastructure, to mindfully choose what it is we want to do and share with our community. Our weekend at the Tangent includes 4 parties for the price of one weekend wristband, with an outdoor area containing a harm reduction zone, food truck, and a greater outdoor sound system. Once the music starts at No Way Back on Sunday night, it won't end until Tuesday morning — 32 hours of continuous music. A weekend wristband will allow you to experience all this with no interruptions.

Saturday, May 28
Return to the Source — Day 1
Tresor 313 — 10PM - 8AM

Sunday, May 29
Return to the Source — Day 2
No Way Back — 10PM - Noon

Monday, May 30
Return to the Source — Day 3
Lot Mass — Noon - 10PM
The Bunker — 10PM - 6AM