Lot Mass (2022)

Return to the Source — Day 3
Lot Mass

Physical Therapy x Father Of Two
Gusto x Naeem 
Davis Galvin x Ali Berger

After two long years off, Return to the Source reboots in Detroit, and Hot Mass is excited to be back on the post-No Way Back daytime yard rave duties. Welcome to Lot Mass 2022, where we aim to keep you tight and hold you steady as the weekend party train approaches its last stop. Your DJs for the day?

Physical Therapy x Father of Two
Kicking us off, NYC’s Physical Therapy makes his Detroit debut alongside PGH partner in crime Father of Two. They’ve never played together, but we’re pretty sure this is a fantastic pairing. Let’s find out! 

Liv has captured our hearts over the pandemic with her incredible range, effortlessly moving between dub, hip hop, techno, garage, house – if it’s a genre, you’re going to hear it. Her 2021 closing b2b set with Wonja at Honcho Campout was one of the best things we heard all year, and she’s the perfect choice to take the reins from Physical Therapy & Father of Two. 100% pure daytime mayhem.

Gusto x Naeem
Core members of Hot Mass resident crew DETOUR, Gusto x Naeem will be repping our home club, carrying us into the evening. Expect a wild ride here, with energetic quick mixing and tough yet soulful tracks from across the entire spectrum. 
Davis Galvin
Pittsburgh hometown hero Davis Galvin closes us out in style with their new-school Midwest sound. Davis has been a mainstay on lineups in Pittsburgh and across the US the last few years for the same reasons that their production has caught everyone’s attention – gorgeously complex yet refined sounds that straddle American house and UK sounds. The perfect soundtrack to the sunset hours.



Return to the Source 2022 is an organic evolution of the original concept, with careful attention to detail put in at every level. We’ve used this time away to improve ourselves and our infrastructure, to mindfully choose what it is we want to do and share with our community. Our weekend at the Tangent includes 4 parties for the price of one weekend wristband, with an outdoor area containing a harm reduction zone, food truck, and a greater outdoor sound system. Once the music starts at No Way Back on Sunday night, it won't end until Tuesday morning — 32 hours of continuous music. A weekend wristband will allow you to experience all this with no interruptions.

Saturday, May 28
Return to the Source — Day 1
Tresor 313 — 10PM - 8AM

Sunday, May 29
Return to the Source — Day 2
No Way Back — 10PM - Noon

Monday, May 30
Return to the Source — Day 3
Lot Mass — Noon - 10PM
The Bunker — 10PM - 6AM